2022-04-27 Gera, Zoltán

BSc Thesis Topic: Upgrading Nextcloud Deck & Timeline


General Tasks of Open Source Development for Nextcloud

  • Mapping up and following connected issues on Nextcloud GitHub group
  • Making an execution plan with prioritized subtasks
  • Making patches, putting them on open review, have them accepted, integrating them into open-source code
  • Making small patches continuously, feature-by-feature gradual progress
  • Keeping contribution guidelines
  • Tracking other similar solutions among other Nextcloud apps

Some Concrete tasks for Nextcloud Deck & Timeline

  • Timeline can be saved into a file anywhere where there is an activity in Nextcloud. See issue-452, issue-82
  • Option to select format to be saved (suitable formats for signing. PDF & CSV)
  • Ability to filter timeline and also saving the filtered version
  • Option to show absolute times instead of relative in activity timeline
  • Activity saving works in Deck
  • Export through UI. See issue-3508
  • Review of Deck right system